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I came across this gorgeous little book in a vintage book shop whilst on a lovely family day trip to Arundel. It's a book of Sonnets published in 1909 and is just so special. I always quite liked a sonnet whilst at school, a bite sized poem that I could more often than not understand, which was always a bonus for me at school.

I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with this book yet, as it is so special it deserves something pretty awesome. I am planning some wedding themed prints, so maybe this is just the thing to take those to the next level. The pages are really thick and the edges are unfinished, which just adds to its utter charm. Best of all, the book has an inscription - written on October 18th 1942 by William Dowsing - the author himself.

It reads: To Pamela Winifred Revill and Mary Margaret Revill on their Sixteenth Birthday October the Eighteenth, 1942.

At the Crossroads: Whichever road they take in their life may they seek and find everything that conduces to the flowering of the best that fruitified to genuine Womanhood.

From a "child lover" especially of those "frucks and frills".

With compliments and congratulations From William Dowsing, who doesn't remember when he was a girl of sixteen! October 1042 Sheffield.

I mean, how amazing is that? Maybe I'll have to just keep those pages in the book...

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